Learning from Stories of Change

Coady graduates create positive social change

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Empowering street girls and promoting democracy in Nepal. Engaging youth to develop markets in Zambia. Creating inclusive business models in Bangladesh. These are three Stories of Change about how Coady International Institute graduates are learning and using their knowledge to create positive social change.

Coady's Learning from Stories of Change: An Internal Evaluation Study set out to answer, how do Coady's education programs foster learning? And, how are Coady graduates using their enhanced knowledge, attitudes and skills to contribute to positive social change?

During the four-year study, more than 350 alumni shared their stories of change and helped analyze their own feedback.

Alumni said Coady plays an important role in building citizen-led, asset-based, and community driven development around the world. Their recommendations focused on enhancing, expanding, and extending transformative education programs to further deepen development results and impact. Overall, the findings provided insight into how social change happens and can be supported in and outside the classroom.

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• Executive Summary

• Full Report

• Recommendations

We are grateful to the many Coady alumni who voluntarily participated in the study and Global Affairs Canada for their financial support.